Ph.D., McGill University. Is a Bulgarian-Canadian theologian and political philosopher. His research interests include Russian Orthodox political and religious thought (19th and 20th centuries), Christian ethics and moral theology, Christian Realism and the study of political regimes and ideologies. His current work is focused on the political ideas of Vladimir Solovyov, Dmitry Merezhkovsky, Sergei Bulgakov, and on Tolstoy’s pacifist anarchism. Dr. Tsonchev is the recipient of the Redemptorist Anniversary Bursary for Moral Theology and the author of The Political Theology of Augustine, Thomas Aquinas and Reinhold Niebuhr: Essays in Political Theology and Christian Realism and Person and Communion: The Political Theology of Nikolai Berdyaev. He is a Research Scholar at the Northwestern University Research Initiative for the Study of Russian Philosophy and Religious Thought and the current editor-in-chief of The Montréal Review magazine.