For studies and research periods lasting less than three months no study visa is necessary, unless the interested party is from a country for which a visa is required as standard practice.

For periods between three and six months a visa is required, but no other documents need to be applied for in Spain.

For studies and research periods lasting more than six months, visitors must apply for both a visa and a student’s residence card in Spain. The student must begin the application process within a month of his/her arrival in the country. The student’s residence card is processed at the Oficina de Extranjería (Main Office for Foreign Residents) located at C/ San Agapito, 2 (Granada)

Students from the European Union

Nationals of European Union countries do not require a visa. Nonetheless, they should applied for a NIE (Numero de Identificación de Extranjeros, Foreign National Identity Number) on their arrival in Spain. This document is needed, for example, to open a bank account, buy a discount transport card, or use the health service. 

Students from other countries

Foreign nationals of countries outside the European Union wishing to study or research in Spain for a period longer than three months must apply for a study visa.

To study in Spain, students from non-EU countries must apply for a study visa at the Spanish Consulate of their country of origin or legal residence.

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