He studied philosophy at the Universities of Navarra and Valencia, graduating from the latter. He has a doctorate in Anthropology from the Catholic University of Murcia, where he was a Professor of Symbolic Anthropology. He was part of the Hispanic Society of Philosophical Anthropology and the Academic Society of Philosophy, and is currently a Full Professor of Philosophical Anthropology at the CEU Cardenal Herrera University in Valencia. He has been a visiting scholar at Boston University and the University of Porto, and a Visiting Fellow at the University of Notre Dame (USA). His research interests are anthropology and philosophy of pain, hermeneutics, social sciences and philosophical anthropology. He has been coordinator or editor of numerous books and author of academic articles. Author of the books Play. Life through philosophy and cinema (Comares 2021), The solitude (Synthesis 2018), The wound and the plea. Philosophy on consolation (Thémata 2013), and The version of ourselves. Nature, symbol and culture in Clifford Geertz (Comares 2008). Winner in 2016 ex aequo of the Angel Herrera Award for the Best Research Work in Humanities and Social Sciences.